S 12 studio is a destination and space for new creative output by Select World to flourish by weaving together creativity, art, culture, commerce, opinions, and disruption to instigate potent, mind-opening experiences.

Beyond the physical space, S 12 studio is set to establish a strong presences in the social conversation through exhibitions and creative projects including films, videos, photography, commentaries, interviews, and related events.

S 12 ultimately aims to create a community of art and culture by attracting inspiration seekers and other public partners through awareness, buzz, and intrigue.

Beside other artistic expressions, visual arts bring their forms, their images, and their peculiar languages to the diversity that is modern creation.

Through the experience of time and their ability to capture attention, the visual arts participate in the great design culture which aims to, beyond the pleasure and adventure inherent in interaction, participate in the acquisition of knowledge, individual emancipation, and the manufacturing of social and collective interactions. Modern and contemporary art is thus integral for any and all prominent companies who seek to promote rich contact with artistic expression for the widest audiences. In order properly integrate this aim into cultural policies, the language of visual arts must be given a place to exist and thrive — any singular language requires a suitable presentation.

New York City enjoys a high density of structures and initiatives engaged in supporting the creation and dissemination of visual arts.

It is a sign of a lively artistic scene, and of the high expectations of the public. It is also a sign of a greater diversity of reflections, proposals, and competitions between the various artistic conversations and projects.

S 12 will be relevant to the art world, as well as the objectives of Select World, by securing a strong and diverse program of exhibitions, talks, conferences, pop-up social rendezvous, happenings, and more. With an open mind toward cultural conversation, S 12 will continue to grow and expand, for the benefit of all.

Room 1: 31'19” x 31'19” (972.31 x 972.31)
Room 2: 14'10” x 15'2” (429.7 x 463.29 cm)
Glass Room: 15'99” x 14'10” (487.37 x 429.7 cm)
Mobile Wall Panels: 10' x 7' (304.8 x 213.36 cm)